How do you know you're in love? Is it when you see somebody your friends would approve of? Is it when you know they're everything convention dictates they should be? Or is it maybe when they open up for you, in a completely new way, and what you see is different, complex, intense, and beautiful?

That's how we knew we loved coffee. Stripped of all extras, given enough time and respect, it opened up. We got old-fashioned with it, and it didn't seem to mind. It surprised us, inspired us, and promised a lifetime of discoveries.

It is our mission now to help you see your coffee differently. We'll use alternative brewing methods to make a cup as unique as yourself. It won't just be infused with the sun and the earth and the labor of those growing it. It'll be infused with the stories of those who created the brewing methods. A housewife from Dresden who created the first paper filter to use in her kitchen, eventually revolutionizing the industry. A German chemist who created a coffee brewer so perfect in its design, it's on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. A man who took a break from inventing aerodynamic toys to create a coffee brewing device that could produce a drink the strength of espresso without the use of an actual espresso machine. People who didn't see coffee as a job, who didn't seek to optimize and type-cast in order to mass-produce. People who had other things on their minds, their own lives, their own cares. They just really wanted to make a good cup to enjoy with their spouses and friends.

All of that, in every drop. From us to you. And yes, of course sometimes you'll just want a caramel latte. Don't worry. We can arrange that.